Royal Air Forces Association
Hartlepool Branch 0637
100 Marine Drive
TS24 0DT
Branch Meetings are held on the second Monday of each Month (except December) at 7pm
We meet at:
Ye Olde Durham’s Club
St Aidan’s Street
Hartlepool   TS25 1SN
Free street parking at the rear
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Branch Charity Registration Number 231584
0790 - 787 - 4654
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To the Members of Royal Air Forces Association Hartlepool Branch
Chair:         Mr Steve Davis
Vice Chair: Mr Paul Rodway
Secretary:  Mr Ian Fraser
Treasurer:  Mr David Stacey
The other Branch Committee Members
Branch Welfare                 Mr David Stacey
Social Organiser               Mrs Hazel Davis
Branch Standard Bearer   Mr Dene Gillespie
Wings Appeal Organiser  Mrs Hazel Davis
Publicity                            Mr Paul Rodway
Membership                      Mr Steve Davis
The Current branch officers Post AGM 2023 are as follows
Branch Annual Accounts 2022
Trustees Report
To the Members of Royal Air Forces Association Hartlepool Branch (“the Branch”)
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN [in accordance with paragraph 14 of the Branch Terms of Reference] that the Annual General Meeting of the Branch will take place
ON 12 February 2024
AT 7:00 PM
AT Ye Olde Durhams Social Club, St Aidan’s Street, Hartlepool TS25 1SN
for the following purposes:-
1.To receive the report on the activities of the Branch for the past year.
2.To adopt the Trustees’ annual report and accounts and receive the independent examination report for the year ended 31 December 2023
3.To elect Officers and Trustees to the Branch Committee .
4.To consider resolutions for submission to the Annual Conference Committee.
Only those Branch members present at the meeting are eligible to vote. However, a member who has not paid their membership subscription in the current year shall not be entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Branch in that year if their subscription is in arrears by more than one month unless payment of their subscription has been suspended, postponed or waived under Byelaw 7 (6).
A nomination form can be download with from Hartlepool RAFA Website or Contacting the Branch Secretary. Completed forms must be returned to the Branch Secretary at least 7 days before the AGM to be included. Voting is by a ballot of the Members of the Branch present unless the position is unopposed in which case the person is elected automatically. In the event of a tied vote for an election to Office, the members are to be invited to vote again by secret ballot, and if this procedure still produces a tie, the matter is to be decided by lot.
[29 October 2023]
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